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  • To reduce the HIV transmission from Mother to Child (via breastfeeding) by providing baby formula.

  • To provide support and social services to HIV infected and affected woman, children and adolescents by improving their health and to enhance their quality of life.

  • To provide critical HIV education, outreach and mental health services to clients referred by UCSD , Hospital General de Tijuana and other health institutions near the border. 

  • To help women take an active role in their own HIV and Reproductive healthcare and treatment.

  • To teach our clients to navigate and advocate for themselves and their children in the healthcare system. 


  • Provide baby formula and baby products.

  • Provide emergency financial aid for transportation, medicines and lab exams.

  • Support groups for women and adolescents.

  • Case Management. 

  • Referral services.

  • Outreach to HIV affected communities and individuals

  • Distribution of non perishable food to our affected fam.

  • Clothes and shoes.

  • Educational workshops.

  • Assist with providing school uniforms and school supplies.

  • Participate in health fairs in Tijuana and San Diego. 

  • Organize recreational activities during the year. 

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