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We have been blessed by the good heart of many individuals and corporations. Each of them contributing to help in our mission and the construction of the UP House.


Marilee Kapsa

Connie Green

The Morgan Family Foundation 

Jo Ellen Zayer

Los Pinos Produce

Tenorio, Villalobos y Asociados

Lic. Marco Antonio Mayo Obregon

Iglesia San Antonio de Padua

Ricardo Acosta (r.i.p)

Rosy Cano

Angelica Valenzuela

Luis Hernandez

Familia Farfan - Restaurant Lupita

Iglesia Vision de Amor

PCL 28 Lideres sin Fronteras

Angela Brannon - It's All About the kids

Fanny Miller - El Latino Newspaper

Patronato DIF Municipal

Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Cheryl Monreal

Lic. Alicia Barrutia

Ing. Jose A. Sosa (q.e.p.d) Grupo PYME

Horacio Gallegos y Lupita Sainz

Ing. Leonel Jurado Salazar

Rodrigo y Araceli Gonzalez

Fernanda Martinez

Radio Latina

Baja Wine Tours - Dora Luz Villarino

Profra. Irma Salgado

Lic. Guillermo Zavala

Fundacion Dr. Simi

Ing. Lutherot 

Hilario Saucedo - Madereria Cancun

Love Thy Neighbor

Ruben Torres-LTN

Borrego Health Clinic

Ileana Silva

Jared Jacobsen

Brenda Arguelles y Fuchi Group

Grupo Fuente de Amor

Grupo OV Constelacion
















We would also like to THANK the following for their support:

Our Official and best HIV Pediatrician:

Dr. Graciano Lopez



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