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COVID -19 Pandemia

At this time of Global Emergency, Es Por Los Niños (EXN) is committed to serving the 100+ families

living with HIV/AIDS that rely on us for our weekly food and formula distribution.

In the period of two weeks we distributed 70 bags of food to our families in need

and we will distribute more with your help. 

We are in need of funds so we may purchase more food, formula and diapers
to cover the expected increase of families in need. We also want to increase the amount of 

food we are normally distribute to each family due to the closure of public transportation

and the risk of infection to those with a low immune system due to HIV, also with your

contributions we will add face masks to the women and children in need to pick 

their HIV medications at the General Hospital of Tijuana.


We need to protect them. Our families needs you more than ever!


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